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We collaborate with many companies around Denmark

Here are just some of the companies we have worked with so far.

Michal - UX/UI Designer

"You can expect a lot from this community, and you'll actually get much more. Somehow design brings us all together. We're so different from each other, and that's what makes us really powerful when we're together."

Michal Izdebski

UX/UI Designer & CPHUX Member

Breakdown of our events

It will be a variation of subjects that will help you in your job search and we will from time to time invite guest speakers in to share their insights on how to land a job. The format is simple; 30 min talk/workshop, followed by 15 min Q&A.

The Job Post Q&A is an event that comes and goes depending on companies availability. Usually you will find it Fridays from 16:00-17:00. Companies with an active Job Post will join us for a casual Q&A session. You will get to ask them questions about the position, the company, work culture etc. through slido. Here you can upvote others questions as well. Job Match Lead, Jayden Hanly, will be asking the company representative the community questions. This is a GREAT event to participate in if you are looking for a new job. You will not only gain new insights about the company and the job, but get a competitive advantage in the hiring process.

Every month we do a large UX Talk from 17:30-20:30. This event is to keep you up to date on technologies and trends in the industry. We invite industry leaders in to share their knowledge and inspire you. 25% of all tickets are reserved for CPHUX Members to ensure you’ll get a ticket ❤️

Every other week we visit a company to hear how they actually work with UX. Looking at a website rarely give you a real idea about how a company works. This event is both to inspire you about how UX work can go down, to share best practices and to learn more about real companies in the industry.

Every other Wednesday morning from 7:45-9:30 you get to meet impressive senior designers who will share their UX passion with you. This event is quite different from the UX Talk, it is intimate and you get to influence the event. There is time for you to ask questions and after the presentation, you will break into smaller groups to discuss the talk. At the end the conversation is brought back as a group discussion so everyone can share brilliant insights and perhaps challenge the presenter (in a loving fashion).

Once in a while we will crash an industry party/social gathering. These events have no other purpose than socializing with other professionals and getting out of the normal rythmes.

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