The founders

We want to bring people and companies together around UX. We couldn't have gotten here without the help of our amazing contributors and community ❤️

Profile_Helena Queen of UX

Helena Levison

Community Lead & Founder
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Profile_Jayden Product Designer

Jayden Hanly

Job Match Lead & Co-founder
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The story of CPHUX

February 2017

Back in February 2017, Rose Kampmann and Helena Levison shared a beer at Mucki Bar in Copenhagen and discussed how there’s was missing a community that helped UX designers advancing their skills over the years. That was were we came up with the concept of CPHUX, Copenhagen User Experience. The next day we bought the domain and then the ball was rolling.

Helena ended up changing her Master Project to CPHUX and over the next couple of months, the concept changed from a UX course line to the idea of the community we know today. A place to connect with other like-minded professionals after you graduate. Rose realized she loved working in her company and stepped out in the beginning. For a long period CPHUX was a passion project carried by the weekly event calendar, the job reposting and regular UX Meet & Greets.


For majority of 2018 Helena ran the startup Power Intern which was a mentor programs for interns in the UX industry. This resulted in Nov 2018 to be the first Talent Academy. The Talent Academy became the gateway for CPHUX to open their co-working space at Symbion and start the membership. In Jan 2019 Helena went all-in on CPHUX, opening the space and a paid membership. The Book Club was born in collaboration with David O. Andersen. Helena decided to step out of Ladies that UX, but the organisation would rather continue working together under the CPHUX brand than run it alone. Ladies that UX merged in under CPHUX and the group was rebranded. The Facebook Group was left intact to continuously maintain a safe space for women in UX who are a minority in tech.

To be continued... (When we have time to write it all out 😂)